Our program activities include weekly Covid-safe rehearsals and video performances for each of the Junior, Intermediate and Senior Orchestras. We are hoping to be able to hold in-person concerts for the 2021/2022 season.

At the rehearsals, the orchestras work together on their assigned musical pieces for their performances.


Each of the orchestras meet on a weekly basis to practice their assigned classical music pieces for performances throughout the year. These concerts provide goals for students to work toward growing their confidence, artistry, and team building skills. Preparing for and performing concerts also creates optimism and anticipation for the young musicians and their audiences.

Each Orchestra participates in two performances every season, usually in December and June.

All our Orchestras practice at the Evergreen Cultural Centre in Coquitlam, BC.

Please note: Due to Covid-19, at this moment we are unable to give exact times for the rehearsals due to changing health orders. We are hopeful to be able to confirm rehearsal times by the middle of August. However, rehearsals will be on Fridays after 3 pm.


Fridays, after 3 pm

$90.00 Registration and $470 Yearly. Payment options available.

*Bursaries are available on request.


Fridays, after 3 pm

Fees: $90.00 Registration and $485 Yearly. Payment options available.

*Bursaries are available on request.


Fridays, after 3 pm

Fees: $90.00 Registration and $490 Yearly. Payment options available.

*Bursaries are available on request.


The Coquitlam Youth Orchestra holds a concerto competition every year for members of the Orchestra. Entrants can play a movement of a concerto in the competition; if they win they get to play that concerto with the CYO in a concert the following season. This is a wonderful way for the CYO to feature some of its most advanced members and gives ambitious members a special performance opportunity.

A piano concerto competition is also held annually for pianists from all over the Lower Mainland. Winners of this competition are given the opportunity to perform a concerto with the CYO the following season.

This year we are held the Concerto Competition on June 11, 2021 (registration has closed).

The Piano Concerto Competition is on June 27, 2021. See below for more details.

Piano Concerto Competition

Age Categories
Junior Group – up to age 14 as of June 27, 2021
Senior Group – Ages 15-20 as of June 27, 2021

Entry Fee

Each applicant is required to provide their own accompanist.

One winner from each category will be invited to perform one movement of the concerto in the CYO 2021-2022 Season.

If the concert is cancelled due to covid, each winner will receive $300.
Winners cannot compete 2 consecutive years in any category.

CYO Concerto Contest
Winners and Performers

2014 Laura Chang – Senior – Lalo Cello Concerto
2014 Rachel Tuhten – Junior – Bach A Minor Violin Concerto
2015 Beno Huang – Junior – Golterman Cello Concerto #4
2015 Timothy Wang – Senior – Haydn Cello Concerto in C
2016 Rannie Xiong – Intermediate – Golterman Cello Concerto #5
2016 Alexander Chernata – Senior – Weber Clarinet Concerto
2017 Ambre Argelies – Junior – Golterman Cello Concerto
2017 Harim Chang – Intermediate – Accolay Violin Concerto
2017 Yebin Kim – Senior – Mozart Violin Concerto #3
2018 Samantha Ku – Junior – Mozart Violin Concerto #3
2018 Angela Hu – Intermediate – Greig Piano Concerto

2018 Grace Yoo – Senior – Mendelssohn Violin Concerto
2019 Linus Fong – Junior – Golterman Cello Concerto

2019 Rannie Xiong – Intermediate – Saint Saens Cello Concerto

2019 Esther Van Rooi – Senior – Bruch Violin Concerto

2020 Samantha Ku – Junior – Mozart Violin Concerto #4
2020 Andrea Yap & Cassandra Feltrin – Intermediate – Vivaldi Double Violin Concerto in A Minor

2020 Harim Chang – Senior – Prokofiev Violin Concerto #2

2021 Wesley Ku – Junior – J.C. Bach Cello Concerto

2021 Nestor Wu – Intermediate – Bach Oboe Concerto

2021 Ryan Lai – Senior – Mozart Clarinet Concert in A Major

CYO Piano Concerto Contest
Winners and Performers

2014 Lawrence Wang – Tchaikovsky Concerto
2016 Gene Emerson – Saint Saens Concerto #2
2017 Hajun Chang – Mendelssohn Piano Concerto #2
2017 Sue Wang – Mendelssohn Piano Concerto #1
2018 Chengyan Shi – Mozart Piano Concerto K. 271
2018 Mina McKenzie – Chopin Piano Concerto #1

CYO Retreats

The Coquitlam Youth Orchestra invites all its members to an annual retreat at the end of which a performance is given for the parents. The Junior and Intermediate orchestras have their retreat at Timberline Ranch at the end of February. The Senior orchestra has their retreat at Loon Lake Lodge  at the beginning of March.

The retreats, which are held over a weekend, are a highlight of the season for the kids. It gives them a chance to get to know each other through rehearsals and fun activities. It also gives the orchestras a chance to bring their level of musical performance to heights otherwise seldom attained.

The retreats create happy memories and friendships that the students keep with them for the rest of their lives.


Volunteers Sign-Up

If you are member of the Coquitlam Youth Orchestra and are interested in volunteering for the Coquitlam Youth Orchestra please take look at our volunteering opportunities, fill out a volunteer page, and we will confirm your request.